SHAREit 5.4.28_ww Apk Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

SHAREit 5.4.28_ww Apk outstanding sharing program with the fast speed that is cross-platform and free online feeds, including pictures, videos, audio, wallpapers, GIFs. Its added media player, which helps you manage and relish your videos and music. Back when Google Play first paved the way for the peer to peer App and game sharing, It was one of the first applications to use the feature. Together with the distribution of APKs beyond the Play Store, the App also allows you to send all types of files to good friends along with your other devices. These features are especially helpful in states with low bandwidth. Therefore it’s a bummer the program itself weighs at 25MB. With this in mind, the company behind the agency has published for those who need or want a more lightweight version. Compared to the regular SHAREit, this version lacks the choice to send data to your own devices, and it can’t be used by also you as a file manager replacement. It’s designed for sharing.

SHAREit 5.4.28_ww Apk Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

You need to sign up with a unique name to use this support, but that is it. Entering a telephone number or a message is discretionary. At the moment, there are no ads at all in the program, which can be another version from the full variant of it. This may change over time. You almost certainly shouldn’t use the ceremony to distribute illegal copies of movies, as seen previously in one of this App’s Play Store promo images. At the moment, the App just is not officially available. However, we now still have you covered over at APK Mirror. The setup file available there is signed with Google, and also the cryptographic signature ensures the file wasn’t tampered with in any manner. Instead of wait for the official release of the App in your own country, you can download and install it exactly as with any of it, A great application that may complete transferring files between devices within moments! When transmission through Wi-Fi, transmission speed will probably likely be affected by the gear and the encompassing.

Fastest in the World

  • Two hundred times faster than Bluetooth, the maximum rate goes up to twenty MB per second.
  • Transfer files without sacrificing quality.

Transfer All Types of Files

  • Pictures, videos, music, installed programs, and any other documents.

Infinite Online Videos

  • HD and Selective, Tasty watching, reluctantly upgraded.

Outstanding Video Player

  • Support virtually all formats, give you Smooth playing expertise

Discover Trending Audio

  • Tens of millions of premium quality songs, and thousands of curated playlists. Online and Offline

Elegant Music Player

  • Powerful equalizer offers immersive experiences for you.

GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers

  • Personalized, Funny, Download and Share
  • By obtaining Location, it will help to discover users that are nearby.
  • Plus, it’s required to use the system to gain access to this consent.
  • It can discover nearby users quickly while associating with Sender more efficiently.

Design and Usability 

  • SHAREit Share and Move design are simple.
  • There are a few pages at the end of the screen.
  • It is possible to decide on the page by hitting it.
  • The features of the application are situated on top of your screen. Simply tap the button.
  • From then on, you’ll be able to send or receive files within a matter of moments.
  • It depends on the size of one’s file, but usually, the App sends everything swiftly.

Key Functions 

  • After you initiate the program, you may notice a few icons. Those icons are pages.
  • Nevertheless, this App’s main features are at the very top of your screen.
  • For example, there you may see Invite buttons, and Nearby, Send, Receive.
  • The Invite button allows one to share the application form with other Android devices nearby.
  • If you wish to send files, then tap the Send button and choose the App.
  • Video file, photo, or music file you wish to send.
  • From then on, tap the Send button and then follow the directions.
  • If you would like to receive a file, tap the related button.
  • And after that, you may have the ability to set up your devices.


  • SHAREit Share and Move provides users with the content that is promised.
  • By way of example, the App does not send files.
  • After the upgrade, it started to lag.
  • The fantastic number of adverts that makes
  • It is uncomfortable to make use of the application.
  • The program is safer to use.
  • But, you have to realize that it makes usage of a GPS location.

How Substantial Can It Be?

  • The program was downloaded for more than one billion times.
  • A lot of people use the application form due to useful capabilities.
  • Since the App is available for download on other programs.
  • There are far more downloads of it.

Why do we recommend this App?

  • We advise you to download SHAREit Share and Transfer.
  • Because this is an application that will be able to help you to send a document.
  • While utilizing the program But, you are going to realize a lot of ads.

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