Smart Defrag 6 Crack With Serial Key Full Version Free Download

Smart Defrag 6 Crack With Serial Key Full Version Free Download

Smart Defrag is a reliable and efficient defragmentation tool, designed to defragment and optimize drives to keep them running at peak performance, so you can experience increased performance and speed, and avoid any problems caused by fragmentation. There are many defragmentation modes available, such as fast defragmentation, optimization defragmentation, large file defragmentation, free space defragmentation, file defragmentation and prioritization. You can also enable Disk Cleanup for hard drives. The “Trim” option is only available for SSD, as SSD defragmentation can shorten its useful life.

Smart Defrag With Serial Key Full Version Free Download

Smart Defrag 6 With Serial Key Full Version Free Download

In addition, you can enable automatic defragmentation and scheduled defragmentation, defragmentation is turned on automatically when the system is idle for a certain period of time, while scheduled defragmentation can be configured to repeat at a specific frequency. Under normal conditions, certain files in Windows are locked. You cannot move these files because they are constantly used. This causes a problem when you want to defragment those files, so Smart Defrag has an option to defragment locked files. The way this works is to configure Smart Defrag Crack to defragment locked files when Windows is not in use. The only time Windows doesn’t use locked files is during a reboot, so Smart Defrag should run this type of defrag while the computer restarts. It is from the Boot Time Defrag tab of Smart Defrag that you can enable this option. This is where you will find the options to defragment the boot time.

Smart Defrag Download

  • Smart Defrag is one of the best free defragmentation software. You can install it and just forget it. It can be configured to run continuously in the background and adjust actions automatically based on what you do. I really like that you can perform a system cleanup while scanning the disk to clean unwanted files that you no longer need. Smart Defrag cleans more areas than all other defragmentation software you have used. However, it does not do this automatically. If the program could clean files automatically before every defragmentation, there would be nothing to complain about. At the top of the program, under Drives, there is an option to add a file or folder to the list. You can include common files and folders you want to defragment regularly. Also, when you right-click a file or folder in Windows and choose to defragment it using Smart Defrag, the data is displayed in this list. I really like this feature. It’s a simple way to keep track of things you might know are always fragmented and have direct access to defragment.


  • Finally, in addition to the OS, I had Smart Defrag and uTorrent running on a different PC. The hard drive crashes. Over the years, I have had a uTorrent with Smart Defrag working. And of course, to maintain a high relatively, I was planting for several days, while Smart Defrag was running in the background, keeping my PC quietly free of fragmentation.
  • Now I still use the Defragmenter tool, and sometimes I continue planting for days, but I am not using Smart Defrag. My conclusion is that a torrent program that constantly reads and writes, along with a defragmentation tool that does the same, non-stop, causes a lot of pressure on any hard drive. Therefore, the hard drive will be damaged. I no longer use Smart Defrag, and I haven’t had a crash for a few years.

Smart Defrag 6 Crack With Serial Key Full Version Free Download

Smart Defrag Serial Key

  • To further improve performance, you can enable the “Defragment Boot Time” key, which defragments system files before they start. These files include migration files, hibernation files, log files, and more. You can choose the units you want to perform and the number of times that must be performed. This tool also comes with an option to improve games. Reduces download times and potential game delays by defragmenting them. This improves read and writes speeds, which in turn increases the performance of the game.

Latest Version

  • There are many features that only come with the new version. The free version has two important features like defragmentation and game improvement. So if you just want to try, the free version is not a bad option, but if you really care about your computer and your units, you should buy the Pro version because the features you get with the pro version are important to maintain your computer and Drive healthy.

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