SMS Deliverer Enterprise 2.7 Crack Fully Patched Download

SMS Deliverer Enterprise With Activation Code Free Download

SMS Deliverer Enterprise 2.7 Crack is an integrated software application designed to help users send SMS messages to multiple phone numbers. It has a clean and straightforward design that allows you to configure custom parameters with minimal effort. The tool can be used to promote your commercial products because it will enable you to create ad campaigns by providing details about the name, file location, and database type (Access or SQL Server). SMS Deliverer Enterprise features phone detection to help you check if a mobile phone or modem is suitable for sending SMS messages.

SMS Deliverer Enterprise With Activation Code Free Download

SMS Deliverer Enterprise With Activation Code Free Download

When it comes to preparing a new message, you can add multiple phone numbers and groups, select a topic, write text directly in the mainboard, or paste it from other external utilities. , You can perform necessary edits (cut, copy, paste and delete), insert template messages and set priorities. Other notable features worth noting are the ability to view sent messages and drafts, create blacklists and schedule tasks, and enable auto-reply. Last but not least, you can create a list of phone numbers, which can be classified into multiple groups, import data from CSV files and export them to the same file format, as well as create reports. When it comes to settings, you can have the app send messages during a specific period, enter the number of retries, turn on voice notifications, or send an email when a message is received. Incoming calls are automatically placed on hold.

SMS Deliverer Download

  • SMS Deliverer Enterprise provides an intuitive design and a handy set of parameters to help you promote your business ideas or products with SMS campaigns. You can also choose the standard version of the tool, but it does not support multiple phone number transmission functions and SQL Server options. It differs from other SMS programs that are based on the online SMS gateway. Just a one-time investment, but a lifetime use. No credit card needed, no monthly fees, no annual fees, no contract.


  • Automatically generate tags from keywords or any incoming SMS. Very useful for taking restaurants and delivery options.
  • Set your poster as the default printer and let SMS Deliverer take care of the rest for you.
  • The app will either stop automatically or start working in the specified date range. Ensures that customers do not receive SMS in the middle of the night.
  •  Manage your contact list for different marketing campaigns in project files, with grouping support—import existing data from a variety of values ​​separated by commas and text files using the Import Wizard.

What’s New

  • All you have to do is put any SIM in the SMS devices for instant messaging or SMS marketing. Yes, this means you can use any local SIM card, SIM card abroad, prepaid SIM card, postpaid SIM card, etc. Then continue the automated SMS to the sender in a period that you specify as a reminder. As a bonus, set it up so that all incoming requests are sent to a dedicated email account for your electronic records and use the power of keywords to automate all SMS marketing.

SMS Deliverer Enterprise With Activation Code Free Download

How To Crack

  • Our app can help users save a lot of money because the cost of sending SMS can be as low as 1 cent and even free. Review the points below and check your local connections.
  • There is a prepaid card plan in which you pay a small amount of money and get an excellent value for that.
  •  Your local carrier gives you unlimited free SMS to send to the same carrier.
  • Your local carrier has unlimited free SMS plan.
  • In some countries, free non-commercial SMS can be commercial or non-commercial.
  • Your SIM card comes with a plan with a certain amount of free SMS that seems never to end.

Latest version

  • It is a keyword analysis function that sets SMS delivery software apart from the competition. Ultimately, this scan responds to your customers’ SMS messages and scans them for keywords. SMSMSiveriver provides one of the cheapest SMS marketing solutions as all you need is your current PC, mobile phone and USB or Bluetooth data cable. With these few things integrated with SMS Deliverer, you will have a powerful marketing tool at your disposal. SMS Deliverer supports voice transmission, recording of audio files, automatic dialling and broadcast to multiple receivers together, automatically accepting incoming calls and playing audio.

Product Key

  • DE89P-LU76Y-NHG56-NB54E-12WXS
  • 2WXZA-X2U87-PO8U7-U7H56-WSN67


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